An Introduction to Pak Shimi Farayand

Pak Shimi Farayand Co. initiated its activities in 2005 in the field associated with petrochemical export, storage, and transit. In 2015, the R&D department was established in order to localize the knowledge of the naphtha reforming production unit. After three years, the first naphtha reforming unit was established in Erbil (Iraq) and then, opened in 2019. In addition to this unit, the building knowledge of super absorbent production unit (PAA) was also localized by this company. Other products of this company include plant-based non-alcohol hand sanitizer  and zeolite-based naphtha reforming catalysts, and other types of zeolite catalysts (i.e., ZSM-5).

زئولیت ZSM-5

Zeolite ZSM-5

Zeolites are a large category of mineral powders that possess specific properties and structure and they mainly consist of earth elements. Zeolites are crystalized aluminosilicates with micrometer-sized crystals and regular nanometer-sized pores.

Catalytic Naphtha Reforming

Catalytic reforming includes a number of reactions including isomerization, alkylation, aromatization, cracking, and so many other reactions, during which low octane products (naphtha or gas condensates) transform into high octane products.



In today’s world, the need for fossil fuels is significantly felt more than ever in the transportation section and other fields. Gasoline is one of the crucial and highly used fuels and the production of low-quality gasoline in many countries has led to increased damage to human life, the life span of machinery, and the environment.

Super Absorbent

Super absorbent polymers are highly hydrophilic materials with high molecular mass that are significantly important due to the amount of absorption, absorption rate, gel strength, and low costs. Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is the most distributed polymer in the market among different types of this materials.


Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers are a category of anti-microbe materials that are applied on the surface of live tissues of the body and skin. This product helps eliminate or prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and a variety of bacteria types. Using sanitizers is crucial to stay healthy and it can help prevent the emergence of disease, especially contagious disease.


Pectin is a type of fiber with a natural origin and it can be found in various fruits and vegetables. It also acts as the linking agent between plant cells. Galacturonic acid is the main chemical manufacturing block of pectin that can be found in fruits and vegetables, and it is also part of anhydrous polymer groups of galacturonic acid.

How to find our Company

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