In today’s world, the need for fossil fuels is significantly felt more than ever in the transportation section and other fields. Gasoline is one of the crucial and highly used fuels and the production of low-quality gasoline in many countries has led to increased damage to human life, the life span of machinery, and the environment. The most important pollutant in fuel-based products, which is seen more than other elements, is sulfur that highly damages the environment. Catalytic reforming is one of the important downstream processes in the refinement of crude oil, during which naphtha or gas condensates are transformed into high-octane gasoline products and the content of sulfur is declined. Pak Shimi Farayand Co. was able to produce and present high-quality gasoline comparable with global high standards by localizing technical knowledge of the catalytic reforming process, using creative ideas for optimization, and eliminating the deficiencies of the process.