Super absorbent polymers are highly hydrophilic materials with high molecular mass that are significantly important due to the amount of absorption, absorption rate, gel strength, and low costs. Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) is the most distributed polymer in the market among different types of this materials. Moreover, the acrylic super absorbent is highly significant and most industrial productions around the world are carried out based on acrylic super absorbent . The base of producing these polymers is organic, which is produced synthetically. Industrial and sanitary water-absorbing polymers possess cross-links, meaning that their sequences are connected to each other via cross-links. Due to such connection and ionic properties of these polymers, several pores will be created that will absorb the water molecules, without being solved into the water, and therefore, these polymers are called absorbent or superabsorbent. These superabsorbents are capable of absorbing 500 times of their weight and they will have a volume equal to 40 times of initial volume after absorbing the water. This category of materials was founded in late 1950 in the U.S., and utilized in fields (agriculture) and firefighting. Also, with the developments of these materials, their use in personal hygiene started.

Applications of the Product

Sanitary Applications

Sanitary superabsorbents are used in kid and adult diapers, tampons, the pad that absorb serous fluid of the protein materials, tissues, moisture-absorbing pads, different types of sanitary pads, pharmacy, preserving the vegetables, to prevent the sights of leaks on packages, and in pharmaceutical humidity/water absorbent, etc.

Agricultural Applications

Sanitary super absorbent is utilized in order to properly manage water and soil, reduce water consumption, prevent water stress of plant, realize 70% of the decline in water consumption, optimally use fertilizer and toxins, provide the possibility of planting in deserts and inclined planes, increase production efficiency and soil aeration, and improve agriculture conditions.

Industrial Applications

Sanitary super absorbent is utilized in cable manufacturing industries, produce highly resisting concrete, to extract coal, in the deep excavation of oil and gas, as the additives for manufacturing plastic materials, produce synthetic/instant snow, in fire-retardant gels, etc.

Fortunately, with the aid of God and after two years of our research team’s efforts, our company was able to produce high-quality sanitary super absorbent powder (at a semi-industrial scale) that is comparable with imported versions. The synthesized version of this product can be used in kid’s diapers, women’s tampons, and adult diapers. For more information, you can contact us at the following number: